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I hope you enjoyed, Joseph Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 14:00:05 EST From: leviathansynthaol Subject: The Early Arrival (Revised) THIS STORY IS A COMPLETE FABRICATION, IT'S TOTAL FICTION ALL MADE UP FROM MY MIND, IT'S NOT REAL NONE OF indian xnxx THIS HAS HAPPENED OR WOULD EVER HAPPEN, IT'S ALL FOR FANTASY & ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES FOR SEXUAL PLEASURE IT'S JUST A STORY, IF GAY SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN A MAN & A BOY MAKES YOU UPSET THEN JUST xxnx GO AWAY, PLEASE EMAIL ME COMMENTS :) THE EARLY ARRIVAL My story starts out as a typical day but later on with one exception in change. My zoo xnxx name is Sacha I am a 25 year old native american man who lives in northern Minnesota near the Canadian border deep in the wilderness. I live alone in my house in the country with total seclution & no neighbors for miles. Just the way I like it & have always wanted it I like the solotude & being alone. 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